“There have been many times in my interaction with others that something will go awry. The question immediately asked is “what happened?” Well utilizing the Axiogenics process will help answer the question. This program is AMAZING!”

~ Kathy Weitzel

Exponential Improvement

Lisa Teets“This was such a valuable program for self-leadership! The better any leader can get at leading themselves, they will see an exponential improvement in their ability to lead others and lead their organization. In this program, individuals gain objective insight into how they see and think about the world. It is a humbling experience as well as empowering because the process takes this beyond rhetoric to real-life transformation. I would recommend this program to every leader.

~ Lisa Teets, Think Possibility!


“Axiogenics is so invaluable and amazing, I would recommend the Self-leadership 1-2-3 program to everyone! I learned a more value-centric way of thinking in my career, love life, everyday life and raising a daughter. It is so nice to change patterns and get out of a stuck way of thinking on so many levels. This has been been one of the best things that has crossed my path on this journey of life!”

~ Stacy Totland

Way beyond anything else

“As a successful personal and business coach for over 25 years, taking precious time to engage in the kind of personal and professional development that can propel me forward has always been important. Axiogenics is way beyond, yet so much more practical, applicable, and actionable than anything else I’ve ever seen, including 20 years of studying axiology.”

~ Judy Sabah, Master Certified Coach

Turned my life around

“This program turned my life around and played a major role in helping me build a very effective team. With what we learned about ourselves and how to work together, we have developed a close and trusting relationship. I’ve continued to benefit from what I’ve learned and continue to use this program as our group expands.”

~ Tom Reder, – ‎Bergmann Associates


“This life-changing process details the machinations of brain works. I come to better understand what has kept me from greater successes but, more importantly, it has taught me how to apply my own talents and wisdom to get there. I find myself more thoughtful of others, more action oriented, less apt to procrastination and ever mindful of value generation. I have learned to think differently and more deliberately. But, surprisingly and more significantly, my new and more positive behaviors are becoming my new normal – more automatic and requiring less and less deliberate effort. I am eternally grateful for this program.”

~ CJ Rice, PMP, CJR Consulting

Renewed excitement

“I always thought life was simple but we complicate it in an effort to feel important or intellectual. I did not exactly know that our minds hold so much power as to sabotage us so subtly and for so long. Axiogenics has helped me to rediscover the simplicity of success in all activities, be they mundane or life changing. I would recommend the Self Leadership 1-2-3 Program to everyone who is seeking renewed excitement in the art of living.”

~ David Njau

Succeed at a higher level than ever before

“This system provides highly focused and accurate insight on how people think and operate and has made major differences in how our people handle their jobs and manage their people. The insights people gained were extremely positive and enabled me and dozens of my colleagues to exploit our assets and succeed at a higher level than ever before.”

~ Loic Courand