FREE Workshop in Your Office for Your Agents and Staff

Let me conduct a FREE, high-impact
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You have a vested interest in the success and happiness of your team members. The more successful they are, the more successful you are.

One of the high-value benefits that local real estate brokerage offices can offer their team members is access to top-notch training and development.

I know it’s the “busy season” and you may be tempted to want to put this off until things quiet down. That would be a HUGE mistake.

You see, now is the time that you and your people need every competitive advantage you can find. What I can teach them will make an immediate difference in their success.

If a few hours of high-impact training could net a 15%, 25%, or even 50% increase in GCI THIS SEASON, would it be worth it?

However, training and development about success in real estate is often not enough for many people.

As you no doubt know, what keeps people from achieving greater success is not a lack of talent or knowledge, but an abundance of self-sabotaging habits, beliefs, perceptions, fears and other forms of “stinking thinking.”

And, as you also probably know, contrary to what many so-called “success guru’s” are selling, positive self-talk (affirmations) and motivational hype rarely make a lasting difference.

What I offer, based in modern mind-brain science, that is radically different from anything you’ve likely seen before.

If you haven’t watched the full 25-minute video about Cognitive Self-Leadership and our Self-Leadership 1-2-3 program, now would be a great time to do so. It is important for you to understand what makes our approach different and why it may be the single most valuable training you could encourage your team to undertake.

Here is a quick 3-minute intro to the full video…

An offer I hope you won’t refuse…

The Self-Leadership Workshop:  
How to Make Every Day a REALLY GOOD Day.

If you can bring together at least 15 or more active agents who would like to achieve a higher level of success with less stress and struggle, I’d like to conduct a short workshop for you at your location. The sooner I do the sooner your team’s productivity could dramatically increase.

From this FREE* 2-hour workshop, participants will come away with powerful new insights and practices to help them tap into more of the knowledge, wisdom, and potential they already. Obviously, I’ll be promoting our Self-Leadership 1-2-3 coaching program and inviting folks to sign-up for either group or private coaching.  However, I also promise to deliver substantial value in the form of specific practices that they can put to immediate work to improve their results whether or not they sign up for the Self-Leadership 1-2-3 program. 

Here’s what’s in it for you as a team leader: You’ll get a 10% credit towards your own participation in the Self-Leadership 1-2-3 coaching program based on sales of the program to your team members. Which means, if enough of your people sign up for the full program – you could get the program for free!

More importantly, you’ll be giving your team members an opportunity to quickly learn and apply a skill could transform their life and their business.

Sound interesting? Give me a call right now at 484-840-1095

*If you are located outside the Greater Philadelphia area, I may ask you to cover travel expenses.

Neither success nor failure waits for “the right time.” Should you?